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I am a survival and outdoors enthusiast, and I started this blog with the hope that I could help people learn about survival gear and outdoor skills which will help them if they ever get into a survival situation in the wild.

I will also be posting reviews of gear, books, and other cool stuff I find. Thanks for stopping by.

Individuals around the world are becoming awakened to the ideas of self-reliance and emergency preparedness. With increasing uncertainty in the global economy, it is more important than ever that we obtain the knowledge needed to ensure the safety of ourselves and our families.

Many have already taken the first steps toward reducing dependency on the system, learning the mindset and skills required to become self-sufficient. Are you one of those people? Survival Gear is a blog I designed to provide individuals the information they need to start taking control, in a FREE, easy to understand format.

I do not charge anything for access to the information on this blog and my posts are provided in an ad-free format. All I ask is that you join my effort by getting free blog updates and sharing my posts with people you care about. Start by getting free blog updates below.

Welcome to our survival preparedness site! Thank you for visiting.

Emergency survival supplies can be needed in many different circumstances. A single survival bag in an emergency such as a hurricane, earthquake, or terrorist attack can mean the difference between life and death. In these uncertain times. We believe that being prepared is becoming more of a way of life than ever before.

On this site you will find as much information as we can possibly bring you on as many different areas of survival as we can dream up. Everything from guns to knives, and bug out bags to MRE’s will be covered here. We will attempt to stay out of politics for the most part but when it overlaps with something such as acquiring a certain type of weapon we will try to make you aware of what options are available to you.

Our Services

We offer various survival training and instruction:

  •  General Preparedness / Planning
  • Bush craft / Outdoor Skills
  • First Aid / Medical Trauma
  • Land Navigation / Maneuvering in Hostile (Urban / Rural) Environment
  • Collective of Knowledge / Resources

Our Instructors

Our instructors have varying backgrounds in military (combat
arms, medical, chemical, Spec Ops), and government (homeland security, medical, anti-terrorism) as well as the civilian professional medical and private sector fields.

If you have any questions about our courses, training, events, or whatever.
Please feel free to get a hold of us and we will be glad to speak with you.