When planning an outing, whether it be hiking, camping or hunting, having the proper gear can mean the difference between a memorable trip and a harrowing experience. Knowing what to bring is the first step toward a successful and safe adventure exploring the great outdoors. It’s important to plan for as many eventualities as possible, while making sure the gear is light enough to hike with & small enough to pack easily.

The outdoor survival gear that is needed will depend largely on the length of the outing, where that camp will be and what the purpose of the trip is. A day hunting trip or hike would require much less than a week long trail hike in a national park. It’s important to carefully plan ahead to make sure that you don’t find yourself in a dangerous or unpleasant situation miles from help.

Water is by far the most important commodity that is needed on a hike or camping trip, one that will be needed during the wilderness adventure. Carrying enough water might be impossible, especially if the outing will be several days long. Water purification tablets, or a water bottle with a integral filter is a good way to make sure you don’t run out of drinking water as drinking straight from a stream or lake can be dangerous to you health and can contain dangerous bacteria or other microorganisms. Make sure to take a map of the area to make not of where you can find water for refills when necessary.

The next most obvious need is food. Carrying cereal bars or trail mix for the trail or hike is a good way to keep your energy up. If the camp will be near a lake or stream fishing is a great way to get some fresh protein, so make sure to bring tackle and poles for catching dinner.

Other than the food that will be eaten during the hike or while camping, it’s a good idea to carry a little extra to plan in case of an accident or mishap that leaves you trapped for longer than anticipated. The idea is to have extra high energy food that can last for a long time without refrigeration.

Shelter is also a very important item on the outdoor survival gear list. This is especially true if the area where the outing is taking place is a desert region or experiences extreme temperatures. A tent or blanket that can be turned into a shelter should be on every campers list.

It’s a good idea to make a list of the important items that should be included in your gear. A camping good knife, flashlight, strike-anywhere matches or lighter are also important and can be used to create a signal in case of emergency. Being able to start a fire is very important to make sure you have quality tinder as well.

Camping, hiking and extended hunting trips can be loads of fun and making sure you are prepared for any eventuality is the best way to make sure the excursion is a success.