Bug Out Bag Essentials : Shelter & Other Necessities

Shelter is another important thing you need to think about when stocking your bug out bag.  This is where a good survival knife can come in handy.  Whether you are in the country or the city, you may have to build some kind of lean-to or something to stay dry or warm or both.  A good poncho can be invaluable to keep you dry while hiking, and with a few hacked up branches can make a decent cover for a shelter. 

Of course, you could always opt for a tent as well, but this could take quite a bit of research on your part.  A tent can be rather large depending on how many people it is for.  Not to mention, they can get a little pricey.  I am keeping an open mind and an eye out for options for a tent for my bug out bag.One tent that has caught my eye is the Eureka! Mountain Pass 2 XT. It is big enough for 2 people and some gear. I have two children that are still small enough that they could probably fit in there with mom and I, so at least for a little while this would be pretty good, but I am still looking. If you do opt for a tent, remember that it is going to take up valuable space on/in your bug out bag, so it will definitely be a major consideration as far as bag real estate goes.

Other Tools and Necessities

There are many other things you may want to consider putting in your bug out bag that may not fall into any of these categories.  Binoculars come to mind, as do toiletries.  How about extra batteries for flashlights, radios, etc.  Cooking utensils of some kind could come in real handy.

I like to carry a change of clothes in my bug out bag.  Clean socks, underwear, pants and a t-shirt can go a long way to making you feel better about your situation a couple of days into it!  You are probably going to have a lot of down time as well, so a deck of cards can keep the boredom level to minimum.

Mil Spec 550 ParacordI would also put a couple of bandanas in your bug out bag.  You would be amazed at how many uses you can find for bandanas.  Also throw in about 100 feet of paracord.  That is another thing that has a million and one uses.

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