Bug Out Bag Essentials : Shelter & Other Necessities

Shelter is another important thing you need to think about when stocking your bug out bag.  This is where a good survival knife can come in handy.  Whether you are in the country or the city, you may have to build some kind of lean-to or something to stay dry or warm or both.  A good poncho can be invaluable to keep you dry while hiking, and with a few hacked up branches can make a decent cover for a shelter.  Continue reading “Bug Out Bag Essentials : Shelter & Other Necessities”

Bug Out Bag Essentials : Fire

Fire is definitely essential.  You need it for staying warm, cooking, boiling water, or even signaling.  Not to mention, if you have to sleep outside, a fire can be very comforting in a stressful situation as it tends to keep animals and bugs away and give you light.  In fact, fire making is so important that I recommend you have at least 2 different ways to make fire in your bug out bag.  One would be the obvious cigarette lighter.  But you would also want a low tech way of making fire as well.  Continue reading “Bug Out Bag Essentials : Fire”

Bug Out Bag Essentials : What to Pack

Some people ask me, “Why a 72 hour bug out bag?  Why not a week, or just a few hours?”  Well, the reason is this:  In a disaster scenario, like a flood, tornado, hurricane, or earthquake, first responders are likely going to be completely overloaded with large fires, collapses, etc. of large commercial buildings or heavy traffic downtown areas.  It is highly possible you will have to fend for yourself for a minimum of 3 days.  So the idea is to have enough stuff to keep yourself alive for 3 days and give you the necessary time and possibly tools to get what you need to survive longer if need be.  It would be pretty cumbersome to have to carry around enough stuff to survive for a week or more when all you really need to do is survive long enough to find more water or food.  Remember, in a disaster, you are going to have to rely on yourself and your family to stay alive, you can’t just wait around for emergency personnel to come do it for you…you may be dead before they can get there. Continue reading “Bug Out Bag Essentials : What to Pack”

Best Bug Out Bag – Maxpedition VULTURE-II

When planning your bug out bag, probably the most important thing to consider is the bag itself.  There are lots of options for a bug out bag, but you really want something that is durable and rugged.  You never know what kind of punishment it may have to take.

I prefer a pack with MOLLE attachments just because there is almost no end to the different things you can add to it.  Plus, I use some MOLLE compatible pouches everyday, like my cell phone case, that I could easily attach to my bug out bag if I wanted or needed to.  When looking at MOLLE packs, there are a lot of lower quality packs out there that you want to stay away from.  In fact, you kind of have to look pretty hard to find the good stuff. Continue reading “Best Bug Out Bag – Maxpedition VULTURE-II”

Choosing The Best Gerber Survival Knife

Survival knives have been around in one form or another since the dawn of man. From sharp rocks to man made steels and polymers knives have come a long way. The survival knives being manufactured today are without a doubt the best knives ever built in history, but are any of them being built by Gerber?

There are several knives produced by Gerber that fall into the survival category. I am going to focus on a few of the fixed blade knives currently available on the market. I will show you what’s out there, point out some things to watch out for, and give you some insight on how these knives have performed. Continue reading “Choosing The Best Gerber Survival Knife”