Just Dancin’ in the Rain

In this day and age being prepared is something everyone should be. We all see the aftermath of natural disasters on T.V. everyday be it a major hurricane like Katrina in Louisiana or a F5 tornado in Moore Oklahoma. We could go through a list of just natural reasons for preparedness all day but with growing tensions around the world we need to add acts of terrorism and civil unrest to our list.
The purpose of this article is not to scare anyone but more so to maybe open more eyes to these life truths and let you know that preparedness is not just for paranoid conspiracy theorist like popular shows on cable might have you think but more so something more common place.

Throughout history as far back as some of the earliest writings of man you can find tales of preparedness but in those days it didn’t have a name attached to it like preparedness it was just a way of life. I personally recall from my childhood my grandmother and great grandmother canning everything from sweet preserves to vegetables and my grandfather gardening or collecting eggs, and yes, the chickens for dinner. I believe that everyone should still practice this level of independence so that we are not so dependent on others for our necessities of life.

Let’s face it when the drive thru at McDonalds shuts down and the grocery store shelves are empty from something as simple as a major storm making the roads impassible for trucks to bring supplies there will be a lot of us in trouble.

So ask yourself and be honest with what I have in my home now how long can my family make it with out some sort of out side help?
Then ask yourself what could I do to extend that time?
You might be surprised at what you already have.

We are asked all the time where do I start? I tell everyone the same thing in my many years in the preparedness business. I have found that water is the most overlooked and that’s a good place to start. Average water consumption per person per day in the U.S. of 50-100 gallons life would be a lot harder with out it. There are plenty of great resources of information on preparedness out there and I will leave you with a few of my favorites at the end. It’s important to remember that when we talk about preparedness there are many facets to cover whether it be food, water, medical, or security and mindset the list goes on and on.

Just remember don’t be overwhelmed it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom it can just be a part of your life and your path to independence. Take it one thing at a time set small goals, learn new skills, and accomplish them then set another and so on. It’s easy to pick up that extra can of vegetables or beans during your grocery store adventures. All theses little things add up and before you know it your 3 days of preparedness will turn into 3 months.

Never forget to Live, Learn, and Love
We prepare for the storm so we can dance in the rain.
Thanks for your time,
Lee Smiley

Here is a list of some great Facebook pages and website resources we like to frequent. But this list is not the end all there are a lot of excellent websites out there.

  • The Survival Mom (Her book is great and my wife’s favorite)
  • Renaissance Homestead (Great Facebook Page)
  • Living Off The Grid (Great Facebook Page)
  • Graham Combat (Great Facebook Page And Website)
  • Willow Haven Outdoors(Great Facebook Page And Website)
  • The Pathfinder School (Great Facebook Page And Website)
  • Redteams.net (Great Website)
  • Grey Wolf Survival (Great Facebook Page And Website)

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